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I call my work Perceptive Photography because most of the work is unplanned. I go out, frequently in the local rainforests, and look around as I walk.  To me, photography is about light. I look at how light falls on a leaf, a tree or a log. A lot of photography shows things which are intrinsically beautiful, mountains at sunrise, or sunset for those who like to sleep in. I try to see an inner beauty in nature.

A book on photographic composition that I read many moons ago said that there are two ways to look at a picture of an apple. One says that it is a photograph of a beautiful apple, the other that it is a beautiful photograph of an apple.

I try to take beautiful photographs of apples.

I try to take beautiful photographs of apples.

Who  am I ?

I have had a number of solo exhibitions in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales. I have also won awards in open exhibitions as well as having pictures in collections both in Australia and overseas.

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